Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Celebrating our new website!

A tremendous amount of work has gone into the development and creation of our new website, and we are excited about finally launching.

You can help us by checking links and appearance as we make our grand entrance into the world and telling us what does and does not work well for you.

Yes, we know some things are not perfect, but, as we say in Kidpower, "You don't have to be perfect to be great!"

Another wise saying about getting started came from a friend of my father's, who said, "'Not yet' is the enemy of 'good enough!'"

Thank you to our Taproot Team - Laura, Pamela, Samantha, Stuart, Alison, and Suzanne for contributing your time and expertise in planning, researching, editing, designing, and training. Thank you Patrick for taking on our social marketing, including this blog. And Erika for her sharp eyes and creativity! Most of all,
thank you, Allegra, for all of your hard work in getting our website ready!
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