Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Be Willing to Look like a Fool! - Great Advice for Fundraising and Teaching Alike

The best fund raising - and teaching - advice I've ever gotten came from a master fundraiser of a very conservative very official organization. This man always wore a three-piece suit and raised over 100 million dollars from individuals for his cause.

"You have to be willing," this very wise man told me, "to look like a fool!"

Of course, I do my best to be credible, but I've found that at some point you have to let go of appearances, take a leap of faith, and communicate your message with all your heart.

Fundraising is actually a form of teaching. When you are teaching, you are educating people about a skill or idea you think is important. When you are fundraising, you are educating people about why they should give to your cause.

Our third 2-minute vodcast takes this advice very much to heart, with PuppetPower both for teaching safety and for fundraising.

This was filmed in my living room with a couple of lamps and no fancy equipment. I'm getting over a cold, and my voice sounds like it. My hair has a mind of its own. Patrick Heaviside is volunteering his time to film, edit, and produce these with some coaching from my brother, Ken, and you can probably tell that we are learning as we go.

PuppetPower came into being when we learned that people, especially young children, will often listen to puppets better than they listen to us. This two-minute Vodcast has Duck and Tiger showing why awareness is important - and has Duck reminding me to ask for help.

I hope you'll have as much fun watching it as we did creating it!

And I do hope you'll put Kidpower on your holiday giving list! Donating is easy. Just go to:

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